POWER words for a New Year

It’s a new year, and of course everyone’s 1st order of business is making new year resolutions. Personally  I prefer setting new year practices, because I don’t want my renewed motivation and goals to resolve as the months pass by. I want what I determine to do at the beginning of the year to become something I practice through out the entire year. 

For the new year there are 3 POWER words I’ll be putting into practice:

  1. STEWARDSHIP  – Stewardship is a concept I’ve always heard taught from the perspective of managing money. However, as a believer I believe it is important to also understand that we are not our own. Not only is he our creator and Chief manufacturer, but His son purchased our salvation.  Consequently, Stewardship:

Identifies GOD as owner and man as manager. GOD makes man His co-worker in administering all aspects of our life. The apostle Paul explains it best by saying, “For we are GOD’S fellow workers; you are GOD’S field, GOD’S building” (1 Corinthians 3:9).

2. SUCCESS – I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want success in every aspect of their life. However, I’m learning the way our culture defines success and what God intended for success to be in our lives are two different things. So I’ve learned to redefine success so it reflects God’s definition of success in my life.

  • Biblical success is faithfully using all gifts, talents, and opportunities GOD has given us for the furtherance of His kingdom here on earth. 

  • Success is learning to feel satisfaction and joy from doing our best with what GOD has given us in the place where His providence puts us, seeking to succeed in order to honor Him and serve others.

  • We are given different gifts. We can’t be anything we want to be, but we can be everything GOD uniquely created us to be.

3. EXPANSION – In redefining what success looks like in my life,  I’m always looking for opportunities to expand the Kingdom of God. My specific prayer is expansion as it relates to influence and impact. I want to be more intentional with my time, and influence more lives with the time given.

Simply put, My prayer to GOD is to expand my impact and influence for the Glory of GOD and adding to the Kingdom.

So this year , What are your Power words? What are you putting into practice this year? My Prayer for, this new year is that as we move forward, we forget those things that are behind and open up for a new thing to occur in your life. I encourage you in the beginning of the new year  to lay your goals before God and allow him to empower you beyond a resolution.

God Bless,


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