Surrendered Living

Believing God has a plan for EVERYTHING!

It’s funny how God begins to stretch your faith in areas you may of thought you where doing OK in. I’ve always believed God has a plan for my life. Learning to surrender every inch of it to God has been the ongoing process, and at times, a challenge. I’ve come to the conclusion that if I can trust God with my eternal soul and resting place, surely  I can trust Him with every area of my life.

God has proven to be faithful in so many areas in our life. Yet there are areas that many times prove to be the most difficult for believers to surrender their control to God. The three most difficult seems to be:
1. Friendships
2. Romantic relationships
3. Finances

We say to God,”Lord I trust you enough to believe I”ll be in glory with you, But let me pick who I wanna date and be in a relationship with”.

Every time I’ve run across areas like that in my life I’ve learned how to immediately confess to God,”I believe you God,but help my unbelief”. It’s funny how our all knowing God patiently and graciously  waits for us to come to those conclusions about ourselves.

I’ve learned that our confession to God is the key to our break through. If we can learn to be honest with God about the things we don’t have together, God promises that His GRACE is sufficient in our times of weakness. That’s when His strength can be made perfect in our lives.

I want to challenge you to examine those three areas in your life.Have you completely surrendered every inch to God and His plan. I know I have work to do. What about you?

One thought on “Surrendered Living

  1. Mahogany says:

    Yes these three are a challenge for most. I just took a step out on faith by quiting my job that I been at for almost 10 year . For a while I battled with myself about me wanting to NOT miss out on all the overtime I was getting everyday but NOT being happy at my job daily. I was putting money as the reason for stayin . And for so many years I’ve put Money before Education, Family and all. But I got sick of being tired and unhappy somewhere that is just draining my soul literally. I was like a totally different person because I was so unhappy. But I almost two weeks ago I sat my supervisor down and just said I DON’T WANT TO WORK HERE ANYMORE. I’M TIRED AND UNHAPPY HERE. And that was that. Now I’m no longer there. Just doing my part in searching for the best Job/career that will benefit My Daughter and myself. And just trusting God to provide for ALL our Needs. I took that leap out on FAITH. Oh and don’t get me started about a much needed to end relationship!! Yes we tend to hold on to That one we’ve been with, that’s familiar to US. But We know that Man wasn’t sent from God. And literally all Hell kept breaking loose in my relationship no matter how many times I tried to fix it, it just never worked or got back to that happy place. The littlest things became a HUGE problem. Another Unhappy place in MY life that had to be cut off for good!! But I let me feelings stick around off and on and just to keep getting back to that same issue. I prayed and asked God to remove him outta my life. Which I’m sure that’s why all the Hell kept breaking loose!! And I asked God to remove my feelings and love I had for him. So it’ll be easier for ME to Leave! And HE did that! And I was able to just tell him “baby we’re just NOT meant to be. You’re Not marrying Me, You’re Not mentally stable, You’re Not A Man of God and wasn’t sent to Me. Even tho we have over 13 years of history. Its something that had to be done. But its still a fresh break. And I go threw my feelings. And of course He still trys to contact me some days. But with GOD as my strength I’ll be just fine! The challenges in this World are Real!! It’s the outcome that matters. So I can totally relate to this Topic. Thank you.

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