Active Service: Daily Devotion to God

As a new stay at home mom and entrepreneur one would think finding time to spend with the Lord would be a simple and easy task. Contrarily, everyday simple tasks that come along with being a mom, managing a home, and a business can strip you of valuable time with God.  There’s always something that needs to be done on all fronts! Not only that but everything is important so trying to balance and prioritize at the same time can be daunting. My struggle has been consistently choosing not to put my daily to do list before allocating and spending quality time with God. Naturally I take it one day at a time and do my best to prioritize Christ. Continue reading

Building God’s Empire: Part 4

This month we completed another successful outreach training. I love teaching other believers how to reach out, and sometimes, step outside of their comfort zone to share the love of Christ. Of course every time we do a training like that it always inspires me to write and add to this series. Building God’s kingdom is so important as a believer. Hands down it is the most fulfilling thing you will ever do in life! Continue reading

What to do while I’m waiting

I wish I could say that the smile on my face matches how I feel, while I’m in the process of waiting. I’ve found that, often times waiting can be the most uncomfortable, and painful process. However, I’ve learned that when I wait on God and stick to His process, I’ve experienced rich rewards.  Most importantly I’ve learned that God strengthens us when we lean on Him during life’s delays. Continue reading

30 Years in the Making

wpid-me.MDEBW3 decades of life, love, and lessons!

This year I experienced the privileged of turning 30! I wanted to take a second and reflect on what has transpired in the past 3 decades. Christ was at the peak of His life and ministry at 30. Martin Luther King Jr. was at the peak of his mission at 30. I am certainly no where NEAR or even remotely close to accomplishing what they have. I’m like the apostle Paul, I am pressing forward to reach and attain the high calling in Christ that’s on my life. Forward motion and growth is my life long aim.

Continue reading