Building God’s Empire

Discovering Kingdom Influence

Did someone say EMPIRE? No, unfortunately I’m not talking about the fashionable Cookie Lyons. However,  the popular show does point to the obsession my current generation and culture has with Building their own empire! We’ve become quite obsessed with ourselves to be frank.  Selfishness has made itself comfortable in our lives. Although I do belive you should be comfortable and confident in who you are and who God made you to be. We’ve become more than confident, borderline arrogant, and concerned only about me myself, and I.  Instead of fostering healthy relationships, we’ve created clicks of people who go along with our own agendas.  Somewhere along the way our God given influence turned into manipulation to get our own way. In all this God still remains the same.  He’s still looking for people to use in this world.

“…God is always on the alert, constantly on the lookout for people who are totally committed to him…”- 2 Chronicles 16:9

Kingdom Influence is God given. It’s the ability to influence others for God. It’s about fulfilling his agenda in the earth. Contrarily to popular belief, you don’t have to be a pastor, evangelist, minister, or elder to do so. You just have to be a believer in Jesus Christ!

We all have influence whether you realize it or not. My parents always told me someone is ALWAYS watching. They made it clear that I could either influence others to do good or bad,  and either way I’m responsible for the outcome.  With that perspective, I never wanted to be found responsible for someone else’s failure or down fall. We also all have a sphere of people we influence. Be it family members, friends, coworkers, or aquaintances. The question is, this far, how have you used your influence?

Now that we’ve established we all have some level of influence, I want to help you use that influence for God. There are 5 characteristics, Kingdom Builders, or people of influence in the kingdom of God possess.  The first one to me by far is the most important.


Kingdom Builders make God the foundation of thier life.


This was good news for me. It relieved me of the pressure of perfection. I was always afraid of messing up and dragging someone else down with me. I thought I had to be perfect, or at least know a lot to really have an impact.  I found out all I had to KNOW was Jesus.  When we make Christ the solid foundation of our lives, our influence is based on His perfection and not our own. Which is the BEST news ever because I’m not perfect. In my pursuit there will be mistakes.  But Christ is right there not just to correct you but he makes up for our shortcomings.  I found out that when I’m transparent about that it not only helps me overcome but those in whom I influence.  I don’t have to wear a mask, be a hypocrite, deal with the pressure of perfection, or the sting of failure.  I can just be me, and let the world see God work in my life.  I don’t always have the right words to say to people or the best advice to give.  But I never stop learning the word of God.  If it can navigate me and instruct me in life it can help someone else too! I don’t necessarily have a preachers voice, and you won’t see me at a pulpit every Sunday. I’ve just learned the most powerful way for me to share Christ is the personal way. I can only share what Christ has personally done in me. The personal struggles He’s allowed me to overcome. The ways He’s made in my life. The doors He has opened in my life. The doors He has closed in my life. The lessons I have learned.

Let’s go to work:

  1. Who influences you and why?
  2. Identify your sphere of influence?,or who do you influence?
  3. Do you often feel the pressure of perfection?
  4. Is Christ the solid foundation of your life?
  5. Have you stopped learning God’s word?
  6. Do you share with others what God is doing in your life?


Join me as we take a look at all 5 characteristics of Kingdom Builders. God is looking for people like me and you to use in this world. Remember, empire’s fall, God’s kingdom lasts forever.

Mercedes Dominique



2 thoughts on “Building God’s Empire

  1. Rayshawn Thompson says:

    I want my life and relationship with Christ to be the most important one of all. I know He formed me in my mother’s womb for His glory and I want to learn how to build His empire. Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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