My Life Coach & Advocate

Meet My life coach & advocate: The Holy Spirit

The person of the Holy Spirit brings so many powerful and comforting attributes to my life. There are times when I’m concerned about my brothers and sisters in the faith, who fail to tap into the indwelling of God’s Spirit. One thing’s for sure, there is absolutely no possible way to live and experience life in which God has purposed without the presence and dwelling of His Spirit.

Life Coach & Advocate


Personally, God’s Spirit is my counselor. With so many opinions and beliefs in the world instruction, guidance, wisdom, and plain truth can be hard to come by these days. Everyone has thier own belief system, and moral or immoral compass. However, at the end of the day, what has rang true in my life is the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Even within christian culture, the work of God’s Spirit can be hidden and buried under tradition, or cultured and sculpted experiences. It’s been my experience, that the true power of the Holy Spirit is manifested in everyday life and decisions. God’s sculpting power is manifested in our lives through the work of the Holy Spirit. His Spirit counsels me through life decisions. He has altered my attitude and disposition. He reminds me of God’s word, will, and plan for my life. He coaches me through difficulty, and major life decisions. Who can know the mind of God other than the Spirit of God himself. Who can know God’s plans for my life other than the Spirit of God himself.

Life Coach & Advocate


The Holy Spirit above all has really helped me with my prayer life. In every relationship communication is absolutely necessary and important. Yet there are times in my life that I just didn’t know what to say, how to ask, or even what to desire. It’s in those times that the Holy Spirit guides me in prayer. He’s taught me how to make God centered requests instead of self centered requests. He’s filled in the words I’ve failed to say and carries my needs before the Lord. He makes our requests match God’s desire for our life.

The Holy Spirit knows :

  1. Our needs and desires
  2. The Mind and Plan of our father,God
  3. The details (we may overlook), of every situation.

The Holy Spirit is more than qualified, capable, and competent to speak on my behalf.


Lord Jesus help us not limit your manifestation in our lives by not allowing your Holy Spirit rule in our life. Fill us again with your Spirit. Lead us and guide us in your truth and righteousness. Teach us to pray according to God’s will. Change our hearts, minds, desires, dispositions, and attitudes to reflect your will. We desire more than an encounter with you. We ask that your Spirit dwell, live,and take residence in our hearts and homes today! In Jesus Name, Amen

Mercedes Dominique





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