Surviving the Storm

God’s guidance in the storms if life.

Christ is pretty clear in His parable about the wise and foolish builders, that storms in life are inevitable. Mathew 7:24- 27 describes the fundamental and foundational necessity for God when building your life. He makes it clear that no matter who you are, you can expect storm clouds to roll in at some point. Some ignore the forecast, some prepare to shelter in place, some evacuate, and some take heed to instruction. I for one am thankful not only for warnings, but also for the guidance God graciously gives to navigate us through life’s storms. In order to survive it’s a good idea to know what to expect from a storm, while remembering that it’s God allowed and NOT MORE than you can bear. That is God’s promise to us his children, that He won’t put more on us than we can handle.

ANATOMY OF THE STORM :Knowing what to expect

  1. A storm can disorient you: Life’s storms can be brutal. I’m not talking about little struggles or obstacles. I’m talking about how every now and then something comes along and just shakes your world. Like the death of a loved one, a divorce, or a terminal diagnosis. Situations or information that makes you question your core values, character, and time spent with loved ones.
  2. A storm will assult your senses: Have you ever been caught in a snow storm,or a rain storm? If your driving you can’t see 2 inches in front of you. If your in the elements of rain or snow it feels like rocks, or small pebbles hitting you instead of H2O. Storms in life have a way of leaving you an emotional wreck. At anytime you could cry at the drop of a hat. At the sametime you can have moments of normality. Ultimately, such waves and range of emotions leave you feeling confused, drained, and beat up by the storm.
  3. A storm will confuse your sense of direction: Which way is right, left, up, or down? What should I do? What is the right decision? Are all questions that arise when such storms in life arise.

    Life's Anchor

    Surviving the Storm

That same parible makes it crystal clear that our ANCHOR in the midst of storms should be CHRIST and His word. Yet some times instead of God’s word being our solid foundation, that weatherproofs us in the storm. We simply treat God’s word like a simple upgrade or home improvement DIY project every now and then. God’s word was never meant to be just a patch job or quick improvement to your standard of living. God is our foundation in which we build on. His words and instruction is not just quick studies for church or motivational quotes to stimulate your intelligence. His words are to be worked into the foundation of your life and everyday living. So when the rains come, or the tornado hits your life is unmoved.

Fall like rain

Surviving the Storm


The good news: We can make it through! Although things might be shaky and uncertain with in us. God and his word is unchanging. Most of all we are not alone! He is so faithful, and is right there with us every step of the way.

  1. Jesus  Sovereignty, is always my comfort! No mater how fierce it looks, GOD is in control of your storm and your life! He is bigger than your storm. He can handle the force of the wind. He can handle relentless rain. He can see what I can’t.
  2. Jesus protective power is ever present. As a loving father Christ is our protector. You would think He would eliminate the storm altogether, right! Wrong, He loves us enough to shield us in the storm, because He is the God of the storm.He knows each storm will perfect another aspect of your character. As with Peter, He’ll allow us to sink just enough to realize and recognize our own helplessness and weakness. Then we can turn to Him for rescue!


God I pray for any and everyone that find themselves in the midst of a storm. I pray that you would put them at ease, knowing that you are with them in their time of need. I pray that your words of instruction would bring peace to every anxiety, knowing that you are there to safely navigate them through every obstacle and stressor that arises. God we recognize our helpless position in comparison to you.We ask that you would give us the grace to apply your words of instruction to our life. We believe that your words are our solid foundation for life. Most of all we’re thankful for the indwelling of your Holy Spirit, bringing your words to our memory at it’s appointed time of need. I thank you that the enemy is defeated in our lives. We will be careful to take no credit of our own ,but pray you get all the glory. In Jesus name, Amen (so be it)

Mercedes Dominique

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