Living Above Difficulty

As we get settled into 2016, I’ve come to learn that life has a habit of throwing both difficult tragedies, as well as suprising triumphs. As Apostle Paul, I want to be ready to handle both. It’s funny how both trials and triumphs require preparation. Thankfully, God has a masterful way of preparing us to handle both.

In times of difficulty I’ve learned that our response to tragedy, and trials determines our ability to rise above and overcome. Our natural response to hardship is frustration, self pity, and even blame. I’ve learned we can LIVE above our difficulty instead of responding negatively, or searching for our own way of dealing with things.


Living above difficulty begins with us shifting our focus. Many times in difficult situations we examine the problem and trial more so than focusing and using that energy to fuel a resolution. The time and energy we use examining and whining about our situation, could be used to simply look to Jesus. He knows what we have need of before we even ask. I’ve learned to get in a habit of telling God my honest concerns, angers, and frustrations. While in conversation with Christ my focus,however, is not how grim and dismal my situation is, but how GREAT my God is.

Living Above Difficulty

Living Above Difficulty

Think about it He solved the ultimate problem of humanity! He brought resolution to a dire sin problem that plagues the entire human race. He defeated a cynical, munipilative, disloyal, and lieing enemy. He promises to be with us in trials and hardship, and is ready to navigate us through it. He’s fought and WON the hard battles for us already. God is strategic and intentional! He’s had a plan from the begining, and has a specific plan for you. Even in difficulty, God is working out His good pleasure and plan in our lives. We have to trust God to see us through. Ultimately the choice is ours, we can stay in self pity or shift our focus to God. Knowing that what ever the difficulty is HE can handle it!


Read Ephesians 1:3-23 MSG

What encourages you in this passage of scripture?

What confidence can we have in Christ when going through difficulty?

God Bless!



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