Building GOD’S Empire :Part 2

Discovering Kingdom Influence

So in part 1 we discovered the most important thing for a kingdom builder to do is to make God the foundation of your life.

The second characteristic  Kingdom Builders possess is they demonstrate love (Agape).

Recently, personally I  would say in a matter of a weeks time, I’ve recieved so many notifications of my fellow believers and friends passing,or someone close to them passing. The transitioning of a loved one from this life to the next has a sobering way of reminding us to demonstrate the love of God.

You would think demonstrating love would be an automatic.  Contrarily, demonstrating the unbiased, and unconditional love of Christ for us must be an intentional action! What better example of this do we have other than Christ himself.

Romans 5:8 But God demonstrates His own love in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us…

His demonstration of love was His death for the most undeserving, you and me. So my challenge to us today, especially during the “love”month of February, demonstrate the love of Christ! Do it at work, home, by helping the helpless, or showing kindness. Don’t just say it, show it intentionally.

God bless,

Mercedes Dominique

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