30 Years in the Making

wpid-me.MDEBW3 decades of life, love, and lessons!

This year I experienced the privileged of turning 30! I wanted to take a second and reflect on what has transpired in the past 3 decades. Christ was at the peak of His life and ministry at 30. Martin Luther King Jr. was at the peak of his mission at 30. I am certainly no where NEAR or even remotely close to accomplishing what they have. I’m like the apostle Paul, I am pressing forward to reach and attain the high calling in Christ that’s on my life. Forward motion and growth is my life long aim.


In hind sight I can say I’ve come a long way in God. It’s amazing how God allows life to shape you for His purpose. God is unintrusive and in control at the same time.

I’ve always journaled my thoughts, and prayers to God. When you talk to God, He will speak to your heart, and if you let Him, He will direct and instruct your life.

Flipping through the pages of my journal I see God’s footprint in every area of my life.


In school for instance, leaving high school , I had no Idea what God had instore for me. I hadn’t altogether discovered my strengths. I remember my fist psych professor (in a secular insitution) assigned us to bring something from home that defined our teen years. I brought my Bible. Not to be DEEP! But my Bible navigated me through so much in high school, and shapes who I am today. God showed me who I was and would be. Taught me about relationships, and friendships. Most of all revealed to me that I didn’t have to stumble through life feeling my way in the dark. He is the light. I learned God has a plan, just obey!


As I move into a the next decade of my life. I want to encourage others with a few life lessons I’ve learned along the way:

1.God has a far better plan for your life. Better than you can ever imagine. We serve a BIG God with BIG plans and purpose for you. Obediently trust our faithful God, even when it makes no sense to you. Romans 8:29 (The message)

2. Don’t despise small beginnings, when reaching for your goals. Stay focused on God, and celebrate small victories, until you reach them all.There are so many examples of how God prepares you for greatness! Moses preparing  Joshua, King David, Apostle Paul preparing Timothy. 1 Timothy 4:1-15 

3. God’s wisdom is better than knowledge. Godly wisdom is God’s perspective. It’s God showing you how to apply knowledge to your life. It’s God’s perspective in any situation you face. Graciously, God says all we have to do is ask for it, if we lack it in our lives. James 1:5-8

4. Preparation time is never time wasted. Don’t shortcut yourself, and despise the process. My greatest lessons, values, and character development occurred in the process. James 1:2-4

5. Don’t plagerize! God is the author and finisher of our faith. When we don’t surrender and acknowledge the Author of our own life, we begin to pridefully take credit for our accomplishments. Next we’ll be writing our own life story.  Humility is the key. Mathew 23:12

I pray these 5 lessons help you successfully navigate through different circumstances in life. I pray the Spirit of God be with you and in you, giving you the strength to do what the Lord says to do. In Jesus name.

God Bless!

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